change RSSI Filter on Protrac Reader

Using R2000 (Serial Reader)-
First test the usb to serial cable on your computer.  Make sure the serial cable port is recognized by going to the device manager.
Plug the RS232 side of the reader into the left port on the reader.  Plug the USB side in on your computer.
Using R4000 (TCPIP Reader)
Plug the R4000 into your network and apply power to the reader.
Ethernet- Right side port
Power- Left side port
Both Readers-
Then open the Protrac iD Reader Setup Utility.  You can find it here-

Inline image 1

R2000 Setup-
Select the Com Port and Baud rate (115200 by default).  Select open.
R4000 Setup-
Select the IP tab.  Select the device IP Address from the dropdown.  (Default is
Both Devices-
Select Reader Setup on the right hand side.
Inline image 2
Select Get on the RSSI field.  This will show you the current value.
The lower the RSSI, the more read range it has.  Change the value and select SET to set a new value.  Then Exit.
If it throws an error when you press GET or SET, your baud rate may be incorrect.  Go back to the main form, close the reader, select another baud rate, open, and then try again.
Back on the main form, you can test the scans.
Under Receiver polling, select Add to move reader one to the polled readers.  Then select Start.
You can also select the RSSI check box to see what values are coming in.  They should never be lower than the threshold that you set.
If you have any other questions, please give me a call.