RFID Solutions Expert Design & Implementation

RFID Solutions

Expert RFID Design and Implementation

Telaeris, Inc. was founded in 2005 to provide products and solutions to companies in the areas of contactless smartcards and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). With expertise in RFID, barcodes, sensors, wireless, biometrics, smartcards, and NFC technologies, Telaeris is a world-class professional services organization and the best choice to provide design, implementation and support of these technologies including:

  • 10+ years of extensive experience
  • Focus on business process improvement
  • Certifications from the top RFID manufacturers

Our experienced team of engineers, project managers, and qualified system integrators are ready to tackle any project of any size. Our RFID solutions address any situation ranging from RFID compliance mandates utilizing passive RFID technology to real time mobile asset tracking utilizing active RFID technology. Our multi-vendor approach allows us to focus on providing the best possible solutions for each project optimizing effectiveness, efficiency, and reducing costs. Our engineers are RFID certified from the top RFID manufacturers and have over 10+ years of experience.

RFID technology enables remote and automated gathering and sending of information between RFID tags or transponders and readers using a wireless link. An RFID system includes data management, network and end-user device management, and sensor management requiring all three to work together. RFID information exchanged between tags and readers is almost instantaneous, automatic, and does not require direct contact or line of sight ranging from a unique identity number to thousands of bytes of data. Range depends on the use of active or passive RFID tags. Battery powered active RFID tags have greater range and able to send a signals. Passive RFID tags have less range and depend on energy from the reader. RFID readers may be handheld units or fixed units connected to a remote computer system.

Not sure where to start? Let the Telaeris experts help with:

  • Strategy consulting and market research to support
  • Concept design and business case development
  • Technology and project evaluations
  • Benchmark industry use cases
  • Process improvements

Our friendly staff is standing by and ready to help. Contact us today for a free consultation.