XPressEntry with Software House CCure9000

Handheld Badge Validation and Emergency Mustering with C-Cure 9000

XPressEntry and Software House Integration

Telaeris XPressEntry integrates with Software House using the CCure 9000. XPressEntry adds handheld access control and emergency mustering capabilities to any compliant CCure9000 system.

What does XPressEntry Provide?

XPressEntry provides two main features to CCure9000.

  • Handheld Access Control
  • Emergency Evacuation Management

Handheld Access Control

Using XPressEntry handheld devices, security guards can authenticate personnel in CCure9000 from anywhere. This might include a remote gate or the lobby of a site. The handheld simply displays the user’s name, a photo of the user, and Access Granted or Access Denied upon the scan of a badge. All badge scans are recorded for later reporting. This can be done in terms of simple employee validation or can audit entries into and exits from a secure area.

Emergency Evacuation Management

XPressEntry handhelds are also used as an electronic roster for managing employees during an emergency event. When the horns sound and it is time to move to the muster area, safety administrators can utilize the handhelds to quickly scan all users to safety. The Handheld Devices keep a live list of who has been scanned in safe areas and who was still in the building at the time of the emergency or drill. This list is based on who scanned into the building that day using the Software House readers.

How does it work?

XPressEntry Integrates with CCure9000 using the CCure9000 .NET API. The API allows the XPressEntry Server Application to pull all relevant access control information such as Cardholders, Badges, Pictures, Access Levels, Areas and more. XPressEntry uses this information to determine who has access to use a specific handheld device and who has access at any virtual doorway.


Additionally, XPressEntry Server App subscribes to the Software House event watcher, which allows XPressEntry to receive all card scans that occur in the Software House system. XPressEntry uses this scan information to determine who is and who is not on site or in the facilities at any given time.

The XPressEntry Server Application sends all records of movement of cardholders to each handheld unit, as well as updates for cardholder badges or privileges and new and deleted cardholders. Each handheld unit stores this information locally on the device so it can do work online or offline.

Reporting and Updating the Software House Information

Upon scanning in Entry/Exit or Verification modes, XPressEntry handhelds grant or restrict access, and send the activity back to the XPressEntry server for future reporting. If enabled, XPressEntry Server can send these activities back to the Software House Events Database using a SQL Stored Procedure. The image below displays Handheld Activities that were sent to the Software House Event Log.



  • XPressEntry handhelds must be connected over the network in order to receive updates that occur within CCure9000. Handhelds cannot be updated while being used in offline mode.
  • There is no API function to insert scan events or activities into CCure9000. Telaeris has built a stored procedure that can insert Handheld Scan activities into the Software House Events database. However, this does not get reflected in the CCure9000 Entrance Events report, which does not pull events from the database.


The XPressEntry Server is constantly pulling the latest CCure9000 information. The initial data sync may take significant time for large CCure9000 systems (an hour or more), but subsequent syncs take less than a minute as XPressEntry only pulls newly updated information. Once XPressEntry Server pulls the data, it sends new data out to all connected handhelds instantly. The time it takes for a new data entry to move to all XPressEntry handhelds is less than a minute when the handhelds are connected.

The XPressEntry Server receives CCure9000 scan events almost instantly. This information will be pushed to a handheld device in muster mode within a few seconds or less.

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