XPressEntry Installation Prerequisites

List of XPressEntry Machine Prerequisites:
Windows 7 or after, >= 8GB RAM
To be safe, 20GB free disk space for very large installations.
XPressEntry installer and license file
.NET Framework 4.6.2
Windows Firewall ports 30000/30001 opened for the XPressEntryService executable. This is needed for the handheld devices to find the server.
XPressEntry installer and license file. Administrator rights are required for installation.
A domain service account for the XPressEntry Service.

On physical computer handhelds will be plugged into:
Windows Mobile Device Center 32 bit / 64 bit
Telaeris’ Start Remote control application

Lenel OnGuard Prerequisites:
OnGuard DataConduIT License (DataConduIT PDF)
A service account for the XPressEntry Service with Single Sign On enabled in OnGuard.
WMI Configured on OnGuard machine to enable Remote WMI if needed.
The device translator Accessory Add-On should be installed and is available here: https://file.ac/T0Zh9rf4J-4
Sufficient IT support(basically, a database and server admin available if we need them)
Instructions for setting up synchronization: OnGuardXPressEntrySynchronization PDF

CCURE 9000 Prerequisites:
License from CCURE vendor for XPressEntry(available from here: http://www.swhouse.com/support/SWH_Connected_Compatibility_Matrix.aspx)
A service account for the XPressEntry Service with the user added as an Operator in CCURE.