XPressEntry Installation Prerequisites

List of XPressEntry Machine Prerequisites:

Windows 7/Windows Server 2012 or newer, >= 8GB RAM
To be safe, 20GB free disk space for very large installations.
XPressEntry installer and license file
.NET Framework 4.6.2
Windows Firewall ports 30000/30001 opened for the XPressEntryService executable. This is needed for the handheld devices to find the server.
XPressEntry installer and license file. Administrator rights are required for installation.
A domain service account for the XPressEntry Service.

At the time of install, sufficient IT support is required(basically, a database and server admin available if we need them)


Recommended- SQL Server instance on the network or installed locally on the server.  If full SQL Server is not available, SQL Server Express will work.  XPressEntry will create a database on this existing instance.  XPressEntry does NOT come with a SQL Server Express installer.

If SQL Server cannot be used, a SQLite database can be used.  SQLite requires no additional installations, but there are significant performance disadvantages to using SQLite over SQL Server.

Mobile Device Prerequisites

On physical computer handhelds will be plugged into (Windows CE or Windows Embedded 6.5 Devices Only):
Windows Mobile Device Center 32 bit / 64 bit
Telaeris’ Start Remote control application

Remote Android Viewer:

There are a number of remote viewer applications for android.  Our favorite is Vysor, which allows you to display your screen over USB (but contains ads).  If the devices have internet access, TeamViewer and AnyDesk will work as well, and their apps are available for download on the play store.  Some type of remote viewer is encouraged to have installed at the time of a remote install, to allow the installer to see your handheld device’s screen.

Specific Integration Prerequisites

Lenel OnGuard Prerequisites:
OnGuard DataConduIT License (DataConduIT PDF)
A service account for the XPressEntry Service with Single Sign On enabled in OnGuard.
WMI Configured on OnGuard machine to enable Remote WMI if needed.
Sufficient IT support(basically, a database and server admin available if we need them)
Instructions for setting up synchronization: OnGuardXPressEntrySynchronization PDF

CCURE 9000 Prerequisites:
License from CCURE vendor for XPressEntry(available from here: http://www.swhouse.com/support/SWH_Connected_Compatibility_Matrix.aspx)
A service account for the XPressEntry Service with the user added as an Operator in CCURE.

AMAG Prerequisites:
Symmetry Version 8.1 or greater (for earlier versions of Symmetry, please inquire about our capabilities)
Symmetry Advanced Reporting (Provided by AMAG dealer)
Data Connect License (Provided by AMAG dealer)
The XPressEntryService should be provided a log in for a service account with the following permissions to access the following AMAG Databases.

  • MultiMaxImport- dbReader and dbWriter
  • MultiMax- dbReader