XPress870N Handheld Badge Reader

XPress870N has been replaced by the new XPID series handheld readers with superior features including:

  1. Larger Screen – making it easier to view and validate credentials a handheld device
  2. Faster Processor – increased productivity with a faster, more responsive user experience
  3. Enhanced Security – Android based operating system offers enhanced mobile device security
  4. Attractive Design – industrial, functional, rugged yet aesthetically pleasing design at the same time

XPID Series handheld badge readers offer many different options for different business applications. The XPID100 PDA is held like a cell phone in the palm of your hand while the XPID101 GUN has a handle and is held like a pistol. Both handheld readers are dust, heavy rain, and snow resistant and are rated to survive multiple drops from 1.5 meters.

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The XPress870N is rugged enough for warehouse use, and yet sleek enough for daily use in an office environment. It provides excellent performance barcode, RFID, iClass, and Prox reading.

Benefits Include:

  • Handheld PDA integrated with Multi-Technology badge reader.
  • Supports iClass, Prox, Indala, Mifare, PIV and many more!
  • Full RFID SDK available for card read/write requirements.
  • IP65 rated device (Dust, Heavy Rain, Snow, 1.5m drop).
  • GPRS, WiFi, Bluetooth, 1D/2D Barcode, GPS, Camera Options.