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1.Purpose #

The purpose of this page is to instruct the installer on how to synchronize an XPressEntry System with the Chubb Director software.

2.Capability #

XPressEntry is an add on to a back end Physical Access Control System (PACS) that is used to provide a mobile platform for the purpose of access control and emergency evacuations.

Through the XPressEntry/Chubb Director Integration, XPressEntry handhelds can authenticate ID cards from the Director system.  This can provide your security guards the ability to verify a user is in the correct location at the correct time. XPressEntry also keeps track of when a card expires, is lost, or is set as invalid in some other way.  XPressEntry also maintains records of all handheld scan activity for reporting after the fact.

Additionally, XPressEntry is constantly monitoring User scan activity in Chubb in order to manage a muster event.  XPressEntry handheld devices will give safety users a live view as to who is safe and who is still missing in event of a fire or other emergency.

3.Setting up Director to Synchronize with XPressEntry #

Before data can be pulled by XPressEntry, the Director software must first be licensed for integration.  If you do not yet have the correct licensing please contact your Chubb Dealer and ask for the license that enables the Database Query feature.

Once the system is licensed, the user must set up “User Logins” within the Director software.  For information on setting up “User Logins”, please navigate to page 301 of the Chubb User Guide (500-9041Ev5.0 Chubb Director User’s Guide English.pdf).

You will need the Username- dbQuery and password of this username within XPressEntry.

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